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Dust Off The Old Record Collection.
We are Vinyl enthusiasts and we’re in the business of protecting
your favorite guitar solos, drum beats and lyrics.

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Enter To Win The Ultimate Record Cleaning Kit! ($100 Value)

Ultimate Record Cleaning Kit Contest

Enter now to win The Ultimate Record Cleaning Kit ($100 Value)! Dust off the old record collection with Record Rescue.

Our Record Cleaning Brush removes even the finest dust particles & eliminates static electricity.

Dirty Vs. Clean Vinyl

Dirty Vinyl. This Breaks Our Hearts.

Here’s a close-up of a dusty record. Let’s get rid of all of the dust and dirt in those grooves. If you’re vinyl is this dirty, don’t beat yourself up. All that means is you have great taste in music and apparently have had it for some time.


Dust that LP Off Already!

Sweet relief. No more dust or dirt. Now, you can actually see the grain of the vinyl in the groove walls. Our Record Cleaning Brush returns your vinyl to its original condition.


Vinyl at 1500x Zoom. Your Stylus Lives for this Stuff.

Here’s what your record’s grooves look like up close after using the Record Cleaning Brush. Let our brush do all of the (microscopic) heavy lifting so you can get back to what it’s all about, the music!

The Record Cleaning Brush

Introducing The Record Cleaning Brush
Anti-Static, Carbon Fiber & a Whole Lotta Awesome

Let’s face it, vinyl is perfect. Your favorite song, LP, or collection perfectly preserved into each and every microgroove… It’s enough to make you want to do something crazy, like buy a cassette or something. Yet, eventually your records are going to collect a little dust. That’s where we come in.


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Carbon Fiber Bristles

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