Record Roller by Record Rescue

The Record Roller

Vinyl Cleaning, Accelerated

It’s not uncommon to need the occasional cleaning for your vinyl. Whether you’re listening to a brand new LP or a 1973 first pressing, at some point we all run into the need for a good record cleaning.

We get these questions a lot:

“What’s the safest way to clean my records?”

“Is using liquid cleaning solution a bad idea?”

“How often is too often for vinyl cleaning?”

And, “What is the best way to keep my vinyl clean?”

We’ve received an incredible amount of feedback from you guys surrounding the topic of vinyl cleaning safety, THAT’S WHY WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE RECORD ROLLER!

Our Record Roller provides the safest, most innovative vinyl cleaning in the industry. Featuring a liquid-free, scratch-guard design, the Record Roller is a no-residue cleaning roller that eliminates risk and worry. The Record Roller removes dust, debris and hairs left by other cleaning products with ease. The sticky roller also gently removes smudges and finger prints from both the record’s surface and microgrooves. All of this without the use of chemicals, sprays or harmful “dust-moving” brushes that could scratch your vinyl.

With over 10k+ uses, the Record Roller is meant to last. You can easily restore the Record Roller’s stickiness for future use by rinsing the roller under warm tap water (soap optional) and let air dry.

Q: “What’s the safest way to clean my records?”

A: Using the Record Roller is a surefire way to safely clean and protect your vinyl for years to come.

Q: “How often is too often for vinyl cleaning?”

A: If you are using liquid cleaners, then you will want to be careful not to clean too often; however, with the Record Roller you are safe to use between every play since no liquid is required.

Q: “What is the best way to keep my vinyl clean?”

A: We recommend using your best judgement here but a safe bet is to use the Record Roller as needed (no liquid required) but you can pair this with our Record Cleaning Brush and Vinyl Cleaning Spray to maximize cleaning and essentially restore your LP to it’s original value.

Record Roller by Record RescueVinyl Record Cleaner Features:

  • Unique, residue-free sticky roller with scratch-guard handle
  • Safely removes debris from your vinyl
  • 100% reusable and liquid free
  • Easy to use – Does not require sprays, cloths or brushes
  • Residue-free and safe for all vinyl
  • Easy to use, lightweight and great for travel
  • Good for over 10,000+ uses
  • Clean multiple records at a time – rinse and repeat
  • The most innovative and best way to clean your entire record collection
  • The quickest way to clean your records – clean your vinyl in seconds flat